IVS was very helpful to me with my case, I would recommend IVS to anyone who needs them to assist with their case. IVS works for YOU, not the insurance company.

Renee M.

The thorough testing for skills, in-depth analysis of which jobs would best suit you and broad coverage of all businesses in large areas are just some of the reasons why Dan is so good at his job."

Richard G.

Working with Dan was great he was always very quick to return phone calls, and was always very knowledgeable in the information he would give to me and was always willing to help."

Lisa M.

Dan Fern was kind and easy to work with. He contacted several potential job leads for me. Due to the fact that I have a physical disability that keeps me from being actively employed at this time, he was able to assist me in the fruition of my workmen's compensation benefits. I am extremely grateful for the fine job that he did in helping me reach my goals."

Roger M

Very prompt, courteous, and professional... had a lot of knowledge behind everything.... I would recommend services to others. They allowed me to deal with things very easily. Thanks for the hard work it was very helpful."

Sandy W.

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Dan Fern was very professional and able to answer  many questions.  He was prompt about getting back to me if I had to leave a message.  He is very knowledgeable about things I needed to know about work comp and came with me on doctors visits so I would get the best possible treatment and paperwork completed that was needed for my work comp claim.  With Dan Fern's help I was able to consult an attorney for a complimentary consultation.  I know better now the value of what I do for my job and Dan often spoke to my employer about fair treatment  and adjustments to the job for my injury.  He also contacted the claims adjuster when needed.  I really appreciated all his help from so many different angles."

Gerald S.

When I was seriously injured the workers comp. assigned me a QRC who it did not take long for me and my treating Doctors to realize that I was not getting fair and equal medical representation. I heard about Dan and met with him to give him an assessment of my situation and medical needs. After meeting with Dan I exercised my legal right within the given time frame to change QRC's and let me say that was one of the best things I ever did given my situation. If you have a QRC or have been assigned one by the workers comp. insurance company I cannot stress enough as an injured worker that you really deserve it to yourself to get hold of Dan. Here are some of my personal experiences with Dan, whom I had as a QRC for almost 1 ½ years until my case was settled out of court: 
. Dan is neutral but fair. If your treating physician says you need something Dan will go to bat for you to see that you get the proper medical treatment that your Doctors say you need not what the workers comp. insurance company physicians say on an IME as they have been hired to say just that. Dan is truly concerned and committed to see that you have proper medical attention, period. If it is what is right and needed Dan will stand up and tell the insurance company or the Judge that yes you do need this medical attention and here is the supporting documentation as such. 
. Dan will go to the Doctor appointments with you so that he is aware at all times what is going on so he can explain your medical needs to the work comp. people for you as well as help schedule your appointments if need be and conduct follow-up as needed with you and the Doctors. I can honestly say Dan will leave no stone unturned when it comes to complete and total documentation of your work injury recovery and needed medical treatment. Dan will also keep you up to date so that you are not worrying about what's next. 
. Dan uses common sense when it comes to a fair and reasonable job search and he exhausts all reasonable avenues to accommodate your situation on returning to work or getting retraining. 

I just want to say in closing that I again cannot stress enough that you deserve it to yourself and your loved ones to get in contact with Dan if you have been injured at work or due to negligence. 

To Dan, my family and I want to say thank you for all that you did for us and treating us like you did as we know we would not have ever got what we deserved if it had not been for you. "

Jeff B.

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